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UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Orak’Thune Series Coming Soon!


What People Say About Genevieve’s Books

“… a fantastic read.” – Kindle Customer

“‘It’s hot. Damn hot.’ And it is! This book is a stay up till it’s finished kinda book! I love love loved it. So different too! Buy!” – Dezi, Amazon customer.

“… grabs your heart. Can’t wait for the next installment.” – Judith, Goodreads


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Have You Ever Loved a Critic? (My Critical Review of the Critical Drinker)

I have recently discovered the world of YouTube. Something I had been avoiding, as my children and husband watch increasingly annoying content that I try to avoid. But my husband, a weirdly good consumer of our cultural world, (he doesn’t read very much and sleeps through most cinematic presentations) every so often advises me onContinue reading “Have You Ever Loved a Critic? (My Critical Review of the Critical Drinker)”

Mum’s the Word on Two, A New Companion to Tide You Over, and Three Will Set the World on Fire!

Book two is done and out of my hands for the moment. While the professional’s fluff and polish for her debut next month, what’s an author to do? After so many months of work and re-work on two, not including the original authoring almost ten years ago, I am glad to see her on theContinue reading “Mum’s the Word on Two, A New Companion to Tide You Over, and Three Will Set the World on Fire!”

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Being an indie author means fronting the costs of your creative endeavours. There are no big traditional publishing houses providing editing, copy, proofreading and cover art, marketing and social media support. All you see is done by me and paid for by me. My hobby is to produce these. I do it out of love not for the money, but if you love what I do, why not make a donation to help keep the stories flowing for others, too? Every dollar collected is immediately deposited into an account that supports exclusively the freelance production teams that help bring my stories to life. Your patronage is appreciated!