Support this Indie Author!

Support this Indie Author!

The best way to support your favourite indie author is by picking up a copy of any of their books and leaving a positive review. And don’t forget to tell a friend! But sometimes, we don’t always have the time to read and/or follow the media presence of each one.

That’s OK, we understand!

Being an indie author means fronting the costs of your creative endeavours. There are no big traditional publishing houses providing editing, copy, proofreading and cover art, marketing and social media support. All you see is done by me and paid for by me. My hobby is to produce these. I do it out of love not for the money, but if you love what I do, why not make a donation to help keep the stories flowing for others, too? Every dollar collected is immediately deposited into an account that supports exclusively the freelance production teams that help bring my stories to life.

Your patronage is appreciated!

Another way to support an indie, is to join their mailing lists. This allows us to keep in touch without hoping to catch you on the flip side over social media or jogging down the street!

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