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A Divided World. A Singular Solution.

After centuries of war and mismanagement, planet earth is finally dying, and no one is inclined to do much about it but pack up and leave. If you’re rich enough.

Cheetah and his best friend, Mayan, have no intention of sticking around until the end of days, knowing he, at least, will be amongst those kicked to the curb. Inspired by an old map, a stashed away lunar shuttle and a ride or die attitude, their last hurrah will be to experience their last days on their terms: as free people fighting for their survival, their way.

And who knows? Maybe they’ll end up doing something noble after all.

Like save the human race.

Genevieve Ginn’s first science fiction novel: Sphere of Influence follows the plight of two young adults on their first and likely their last ever adventure.

Determined to not give up quietly, Cheetah and his best friend Mayan dream of adventure, but find themselves out of time. Their only choice now is to seek freedom and possible salvation, or watch Cheetah spend the rest of his life as a slave in the penal camps. 

Sphere of Influence is available now in ebook and paperback formats through Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Also: Did you know I am a huge fan of the fantasy forum Royal Roads and a member? This is a writing forum for readers and authors to share their works! There are a gazillion great works on there – I encourage you to check it out, and you can find me and several works at the following profile: https://www.royalroad.com/profile/256616/fictions

In the meantime, get sneak peeks of Sphere of Influence there, or follow the link below to grab yourself a complete copy!

Now Available!

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