Series Announcement:

Relaunch of the Orak’Thune Series!

Completely remastered, the Orak’Thune series will re-release, starting with books 1-3, beginning in 2023.

A fictional world of oath, sacrifice and love eternal.

To bring Orak’Thune out into the world, to display her in living colour, breathe her and feel her, to see her alight in the hearts of a like-minded, loving fan; this is my dream.

May the courage never die in your hearts.

May Living ever lift your sorrow.

May life never extinguish your loving flame.

Welcome to Orak’Thune.


The World of Orak’Thune (c)

About Genevieve

A passionate reader from an early age, Genevieve has been writing since 2008, authoring over 25 stories in the fantasy, sci-fi, young adult and historical romance genres. Her current works are the epic fantasy romance series, Orak’Thune, totalling over 20 novels alone.

She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, two children and four cats, Shadow, Luna, Midnight and Pekoe. 

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