Welcome to Orak’Thune

A fictional world of oath, sacrifice and love eternal.

Launch of the Orak’Thune Series

We are well on our way to the epic tale of Orak’Thune. Your positive feedback and support have overwhelmed me. There is much yet to learn and do, and your encouragement means so much.

A young woman’s plight and heart in an ever developing high-stakes game. Nyssa’s world just keeps getting bigger and more dangerous.

To bring Orak’Thune out into the world, to display her in living colour, breathe her and feel her, to see her alight in the hearts of a like-minded, loving fan; this is my dream.

May the courage never die in your hearts.

May Living ever lift your sorrow.

May life never extinguish your loving flame.

Welcome to Orak’Thune.


The World of Orak’Thune (c)

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About Genevieve

A passionate reader from an early age, Genevieve has been writing since 2008 and has authored over 25 stories to date in the fantasy, sci-fi, young adult and historical romance genres. Her current available works are the Orak’Thune series, with many more to come.

She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, two children and four cats, Shadow, Luna, Midnight and Asher. 

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