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ROGUN: Companion One in the Orak’Thune Series

Companion one in the novella series, Rogun is complimentary to the epic series.

Under the White Palace, a darkness gathers.

Coltair, Emperor of Rogun, has learned the secret for achieving immortality and dominion forever. But when he entraps the necromancer to enact his diabolical plans, nothing could have prepared them for the madness it would unleash.

It is the dawn of horror and ruin, ambition and pain. Coltair will stop at nothing. Killing families and hope, one life at a time.

Discovery the very beginning of Orak’Thune in the tell all prequel of sinister things to come.

Now available through Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Titles To Come in the Series:

The Armoured Queen: Book One in the Orak’Thune Series – 2nd Edition (Revised)

A young knight’s rise to queenship means her greatest oath is now to duty over love.

Coming Soon! The Armoured Queen: Book One in the Orak’Thune Series. 2nd Edition (December 2022)

The Necromancer’s Fire: Book Two in the Orak’Tune Series – 2nd Edition (Revised)

A young queen and an old enemy. A new family and a world about to catch fire.

Book Two of the Orak’Thune Series: To be re-released, May 2023!

The Fire Queen: Book Three in the Orak’Thune Series (Fall, 2023)

(Release Date: Autumn 2023)

They kidnapped the Queen.

Nyssa’s enemy wants her power for himself and stealing it is his plan. Separated from her family, friends and all access to her army, for the first time in her life, Nyssa is on her own. Thrown into a world of crime bosses, smugglers and cutthroats, Nyssa must make her plans and hide her true intentions-which isn’t easy with a baby on the way. Through terrible abuse by her captors and lonely months hiding amongst the Rogun underground, Nyssa learns the depths of her own courage and what conviction lies at the bottom. If she can get home, restored and still standing, the world may just stand a chance.

The Fire Queen is the third book in the anthology Orak’Thune. It follows the revealing second book, The Necromancer’s Fire, and the introductory, The Armoured Queen

COMING SOON (Autumn 2023)

Living Fire: Book Four in the Orak’Thune Series (Spring, 2024)

(Release date: Spring, 2024)

Unwitting and unprepared, Darkness has turned its eye toward its old nemesis, the Fire Wielding Necromancer. If it catches her, Nyssa will learn what happens when the light of all hope dies.

Rogun Son: Book Five in the Orak’Thune Series (Autumn, 2024)

(Release date: Autumn 2024)

Evil persists and Nyssa is yet again in a race against time. But inside the walls of a crumbling city, destiny meets hope. And not a moment too soon. Roguns and Orak’Thune stand together in this epic showdown and rescue of the Rogun Son.

I AM QUEEN: Book Six in the Orak’Thune Series

(Release date: Spring, 2025)

Greed and ice.

Kitska is on the brink of extinction. Under pressure from too many failed wars supporting the old Rogun emperors, King Graydon is desperate to get back what he feels he’s owed. The only problem is they’ll have to go through the queen to get it. Desperate times make for desperate measures. Will Kitska survive the test of fire vs. ice?

Fallen Darkness: Book Seven in the Orak’Thune Series (Expected release, Fall 2024)

Serpent’s Veil: Book Eight in the Orak’Thune Series

The King: Book Nine in the Orak’Thune Series

Blood Baron and the Shadow Queen: Book Ten in the Orak’Thune Series

Elutia, Dark: Book Eleven in the Orak’Thune Series

Sea of Fire: Book Twelve in the Orak’Thune Series

Sacrament of Fire: Book Thirteen in the Orak’Thune Series

The Baron Shipping Wars: Book Fourteen in the Orak’Thune Series

Darkness Abyss: Book Fifteen in the Orak’Thune Series

The Princess Coalition: Book Sixteen in the Orak’Thune Series

The Fifth Keeper: Book Seventeen in the Orak’Thune Series

Order of Legends: Book Eighteen in the Orak’Thune Series

Fire Eclipse: Book Nineteen in the Orak’Thune Series

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