Musings from the Author’s Desk

REDUX: The Meaning of Second Chance

BIG SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT! Dear Reader: Allow me to explain.  Over the course of the last six months, I have been in a flurry of activity surrounding the crafting of my stories (hence the quiet on social platforms). Stories, both large and small, have burst into life. All the while, I’ve been learning about this crazy…

Have You Ever Loved a Critic? (My Critical Review of the Critical Drinker)

I have recently discovered the world of YouTube. Something I had been avoiding, as my children and husband watch increasingly annoying content that I try to avoid. But my husband, a weirdly good consumer of our cultural world, (he doesn’t read very much and sleeps through most cinematic presentations) every so often advises me on…

Ready, Set, Launch!

Did I mention that The Armoured Queen is in the top 50 for Fantasy titles on today?! With that ASTOUNDING news, today marks the first day on the launch countdown for book TWO in the Orak’Thune series. Final edits are in place, (crying with betas and combing through editor fix’ems nearly over) and I…


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About Me

I love to write. Every day, scenes float through my brain, some taking hold, most not. With a busy family and work life, we just don’t find the time to explore these little tidbits and threads, but sometimes, there’s this one that just won’t… let… go.

Orak’Thune is a project ten years in the making and I am still learning and expanding my knowledge and craft. My dream is to get it out to the world, to connect with a reader who loves it as much as I do. This is a work still weaving and winding, ever evolving. There is plenty of work to do.

And that thread? It’s still going. This is a journey. I’m glad you’re here with me.

Black Armour Publishing is the registered business, solely owned and operated, by Genevieve Ginn to represent her works in legal terms and registration..

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