REDUX: The Meaning of Second Chance


Dear Reader: Allow me to explain. 

Over the course of the last six months, I have been in a flurry of activity surrounding the crafting of my stories (hence the quiet on social platforms). Stories, both large and small, have burst into life. All the while, I’ve been learning about this crazy business of self-publishing. Two things: neither is easy. 

With the help of many professional and personal supporters, 4 books hit the shelves this year: The Armoured Queen, The Necromancer’s Fire, Rogun and even a little ditty in the science fiction field. This was a BIG moment for me. Not understanding much beyond ‘Write! The world will love or hate it!’ I understand there is a lot more to it than that. In reflection, lessons learned are pulling at my heartstrings. If you could go back and make something better, wouldn’t you? 

Here it is. Orak’Thune began ten years ago. Drafts floating around, friend feedback, etc., were all hugely positive, but I never in a million years thought my world had marketable value. This changed with a few editor friends who disagreed and thought, maybe, just maybe, there might be readers out there, interested in what Orak’Thune could be. We began the work of slicing and dicing, but being new, it fell on me to learn and adapt, and I admit, I was a stubborn newbie.

I have learned a ton since then. So what is a girl to do?

I would like a second chance to re-present the opening of Orak’Thune. Seeing as I am still quite new to the scene, I feel I have a very rare opportunity to slip under the ‘known’ wire to adjust the series into what I know it will become. Book three, The Fire Queen is already vastly different in pace and quality from the previous starter books, and book four, Living Fire, is really where the story takes flight. From the small world conflict and characterization to the enormous world of magic and lore still to come over twelve-fourteen more books, setting the stage has never been more critical! 

And so, Dear Reader, I ask for your patience and understanding and hope you will give me this second chance to set up the world for you. Soon, with The Fire Queen and Living Fire, I truly believe you’ll be hooked beyond what you thought possible for this series. As always, the companion novellas will flow, populating the side stories with more insights and juicy details. As for the core books, it is my sincere goal to provide the very best quality and storytelling I can, every chapter along the way. 

Look for The Armoured Queen redux and The Necromancer’s Fire redux starting mid-winter. I will rework a lot of the marketing and start babbling about them when they get ready to re-release. Following that, The Fire Queen and Living Fire will be ready for mid next year. (Currently in final production now).

For those who supported me on this journey right out of the gate: I will offer to replace your original copy of The Armoured Queen and/or The Necromancer’s FireFREE OF CHARGE – as part of a limited time marketing campaign for the re-launch. Stay tuned for details coming this November! Signed copies, mailed to your home as smoothly as Amazon Prime? Yes! I value you, Dear Reader, and hope you stay with me on the journey to come.

Keep tuned to the Genevieve Ginn and/or Orak’Thune Fan Group Facebook Group/Page for details, and this website, where I will post updates on releases, as before, and details on freebies. 

From the very bottom of my humbled heart, thank you for your love and continued support! 


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