Musings from the Author’s Desk – December 17, 2021

The editing process is, for the most part, standard for most authors. Did you know alpha readers (pre-final draft) and beta readers (post-final draft, pre-formal editing) play integral parts in the writing process, on top of professional editor and proofreaders? As we are in the midst of the swirling vortex of detail that is the final beta and editing of book 2, (yes, it’s well on its way!) one of my betas cued into the rich history of the Bough, an ancient race that plays an integral role to the characters in the Orak’Thune world. For the sake of storytelling flow, detailing history and world building while sticking on point, are one of the biggest challenges to a writer. This beta suggested more on the Bough would be ideal, which book 2 will now expose, but together we envisioned a companion too. I’m excited by this new idea and have added it to the list of companions to come in the upcoming year. May the Great Wood Bless the Betas!

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