Ready, Set, Launch!

Did I mention that The Armoured Queen is in the top 50 for Fantasy titles on today?!

With that ASTOUNDING news, today marks the first day on the launch countdown for book TWO in the Orak’Thune series. Final edits are in place, (crying with betas and combing through editor fix’ems nearly over) and I am on pins and needles to get the cover art underway. So, I took a break and made a silly amateur cover, by myself, to satisfy my jitters (and so I could load my pre-order so all those FANtastic new readers taking advantage of the free promotional weekend could see it was coming!).

So many hard lessons learned with this one, so many restarts and tough decisions but I am proud of the result and once again, thank an AMAZING team of alphas, betas and my editor, diligent Sigrid, for their attention to detail and patience with a fragile writer’s heart.

As a cover placeholder now, (full beauty to be revealed soon!) please skip on over to Amazon to find this book on the pre-order list for the first week of February. I do hope you enjoy following Nyssa as she moves closer to her destiny. Book two reveals some pretty big details as far as who she really is and what she is capable of.

With the finale of this journey still to come in book three, The Necromancer’s Fire will line you up with front row seats to the epic showdown of Nyssa’s journey, so far. I promise.

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