Mum’s the Word on Two, A New Companion to Tide You Over, and Three Will Set the World on Fire!

Book two is done and out of my hands for the moment. While the professional’s fluff and polish for her debut next month, what’s an author to do?

After so many months of work and re-work on two, not including the original authoring almost ten years ago, I am glad to see her on the way to a polished, glossy cover. But on that same cheery note, book three re-surfaced this week and reminded me that with every new chapter, this story just gets better and better!

By far my personal favourite, (possibly of all in the series!), book three is a fast-paced, punch first/ask questions later kind of thrill-ride, and the villain our heroine is up against comes out of the shadows. Already packed with action from the very first chapter, book three also brings me home for the relationships filling in around Nyssa, the strengths she finds in herself and her family, and the incredible sacrifices she must face to win. Book three is the epic conclusion to one foe in Nyssa’s life, but she’ll not be hanging up her swords and armour or parking Roan any time soon.

That all being said, the companion novella to bridge the three books, aptly entitled Rogun, is now drafted and I’m once again delighted at how these little short stories fit so well in the larger tale. Never envisioned before publishing, the companion series is a brand new avenue for me to take you above the major story as side snippets, happening before or elsewhere to the main plot. Adding history to solve some questions or giving a bird’s-eye view and different perspectives, the companions pull from a different supporting character each time to help enrich the Orak’Thune world.

Rogun, now companion one in the series, is a historical retrospective on the rise of Nyssa’s enemy and the first glimpse at the larger danger that gave rise to him. Presented in the era of none other than Emperor Coltair himself, Rogun is not a comedy but a hard, dramatic story of a violent, ambitious ruler with a diabolical plan, who will stop at nothing to achieve his perceived destiny.

Rogun will be available in March, but will not be available on Royal Roads after its launch. I will offer it only here, but for a very limited run before I list it for sale, so make sure you hop on those posts!

As for book three, The Fire Queen, work has begun on her glamorization. Expect news on her development and release – scheduled for spring, 2022 – as things unfold. As the ending to the original first chapter, (books 1-3 were originally all one book), breaking them down for better marketing has been a challenge for me. I am relieved to see them coming back together again. I will make an offer to box them for new and later arriving fans in the middle of the year too – and just might include Rogun along with them, so stay tuned!

Thank you for checking in. We’ll see you next across the waves! – Genevieve

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